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Post by SilentVex on Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:32 am

Advertisement is fun! And it helps get members. So why don't we help each other out? Post your 88x31 badge in our affiliations thread after putting our badge on yours.

To affiliate with us:-

◆Badge must be posted in a guest friendly area as we have done with yours.
◇Badge must not contain explicit content unsuitable for minors.
◆Please understand that we only affiliate with roleplay or anime sites.
◇Do not beg to become a member of staff, only legitimate advertisements shall be posted.

Your badge shall be removed if:-

◆Our badge is removed.
◇If your badge breaks.
◆If your site has no posts for an extended period of time [approx. 1 month]
◇If your site goes into maintenance suddenly without warning and for an extended period of time.

Affiliations are checked and kept up to date roughly every 1-2 weeks. Please be sure to place your badge on your site BEFORE you post in the affiliation link thread to ensure a faster response.

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